Airport Opportunities

Airside and landside development options

Freight-dedicated Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) offers unique warehouse and distribution development opportunities on airport property, both airside and landside. 

Consider joining existing service providers currently capitalizing on Rickenbacker’s impressive growth. With five airside cargo warehouses, innovative partnerships and plenty of airport land ready for development, Rickenbacker is setting a new standard in the air freight industry.

Information about on- and off-airport property development at Rickenbacker International Airport is available from these sources:

Mike Hurd, Senior Vice President 
Cushman & Wakefield – Columbus Industrial Team

Susan Salisbury, Real Estate
Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Collaboration makes the difference

Our innovative new air freight terminal puts air service, comprehensive warehousing, third-party logistics providers and office space under a single roof.

The future is now

Rickenbacker International Airport is changing the air freight industry. With better service and revolutionary ideas, you can import and export goods anywhere more quickly with less cost.