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Rickenbacker Businesses

Several business segments exist at Rickenbacker, all operated or administered by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

Rickenbacker International Airport

Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) is one of the few cargo-focused airports in the world, providing domestic and international air freight service. Rickenbacker International connects North America to major freight hubs in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Additionally, scheduled passenger service by Allegiant Air and passenger charters operate from the airport’s passenger terminal.

2241 John Circle Drive, Columbus, OH 43217

Foreign-Trade Zone 138

Foreign-Trade Zone 138 is a top FTZ in the value of goods admitted into the United States. It encompasses Rickenbacker International Airport, surrounding industrial parks and a 25-county service area in Central Ohio. The zone helps businesses, defer, reduce or eliminate U.S. Customs import duties.

7250 Star Check Drive, Columbus, OH 43217

Rickenbacker Aviation

This fixed-base operator (FBO) offers fueling and a variety of customized services for Rickenbacker International Airport’s commercial, corporate, general aviation and military customers.

7250 Star Check Drive, Columbus, OH 43217

Rickenbacker Aviation

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Air cargo scheduled carriers


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Media Relations

Airside cargo partners


Main office @ LCK: 614-409-4900
Mark Simone, 614-409-4977

Baker Livestock & Horse Transport


Larry & Judy Baker

Forward Air

Dan Heronemus

RCS Logistics

Mindy Fusetti

Alliance Ground International

Mike Evans

Passenger air carrier operating from Rickenbacker Passenger Terminal

Allegiant Airlines


Corporate Communications:

Military - OANG

Ohio Air
National Guard (OANG)

Stephanie Beougher
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State of Ohio Adjutant General's Department (State Guard Office)
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Maj. Jody Schweickart
Wing Executive Officer, 121st Air Refueling Wing

Emergency situations

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An airport emergency is an unexpected incident that triggers a real, perceived or possible threat to life, equipment, property, airport operations and/or the environment. In the event of an emergency, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority’s priorities will be safety of persons, protection of equipment and property.