Workforce and Community Advantages

Collaboration – the key to our success

With 2.1 million people and counting, the 11-county Columbus Region is one of the fastest-growing U.S. metropolitan areas. This growth provides a strong workforce for regional employers, including those in the Rickenbacker area, which is a world-class logistics hub and vital asset of the North American International Freight Center.

As with economic growth in the region, vital public-private partnerships are playing a key role in the Rickenbacker area’s success. Together, we’re creating strategic opportunities for businesses and connecting the Columbus Region with the world in more ways than ever before.

Businesses selecting the Rickenbacker area for expansion can take advantage of these strengths to move ahead of their competition.

Collaborative partners

Forward-thinking leadership has established Rickenbacker International Airport as a premier global gateway and the surrounding area as a world-class logistics hub.

Workforce networks

The Rickenbacker Employer Assistance Network (REAN) works with employers to build and strengthen workforces. 


Rickenbacker development news

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